Craft Daily: Episode 1 is coming your way!

We gave a sneak peak of the Craft Daily studio coming together on our Facebook page at the beginning of the week. Here it is with the finishing touches being made by our talented designer, Pru Rogers:

Craft Daily UK Set Build

Some of the final filming for the first five episodes is taking place. Here’s a shot of rehearsals and production in action:

Rehearsals underway
So, what does episode 1 have in store?

Firstly, you’ll meet our presenters, Ali Myer and Ame Verso, for the first time – you can see them both in the shot above! Ali and Ame will be the guiding voices through Craft Daily to help introduce new sections and to discuss projects and techniques.

From there, we get started in quilting. Superstar author Liz Betts will demonstrate paper piecing techniques as part of her series on beginner’s quilting which will run across the first few episodes. Then it’s off to the crochet corner, with experienced designer Kristin Omdahl who will show you step by step all the basic crochet stitches and techniques you need to become an expert. Finally we have some dressmaking, with expert sewer Emily Levey running a tutorial on making a gathered skirt that is pattern free, easy to make and will stun your friends.

We really want to hear what you think of the show, but also what you’d like to see more of. Please do talk to us, through this site or through Facebook or twitter to tell us more. If you want to use our hashtag, #CDUK, we’ll pick up on the conversation and join in too.