Featuring presenter….Lisa Lam

Lisa Lam will be a featured presenter in early episodes of Craft Daily, with a focus on purse making.

Lisa is an author and the founder of U-Handbag, an online bag making supplies shop and blog. After finding it difficult to source the supplies she needed for bag making, Lisa took the plunge in November 2005 and launched her business. Her time is now spent designing sewing patterns and kits and sourcing the handles and other items for making bags.

Lisa published The Bag Making Bible in August 2010 and followed that up with A Bag for All Reasons in 2012. Her most recent projects have included unique dressmaking pattern books for little girls – Dance With Me Dress and Happiness Halter Playsuit.

We talked to Lisa about her inspiration and appearing on Craft Daily:

When I first wrote The Bag Making Bible, I knew from my own shop and blog how interested people were in learning the techniques needed to sew and make professional-looking bags. It’s been really amazing to see that book become a bestseller and to follow it up with my second book, A Bag for All Reasons. I was delighted with how my techniques were laid-out in my books, but when I was offered the chance to also demonstrate these on video I jumped at the chance to present my teaching on film. Sometimes when it comes to learning about the finer, more involved techniques it’s hard to beat seeing them happening in glorious colour and in real-time film (and should the presenter make a few daft jokes on the way – then hopefully we can all have a giggle whilst we craft together).

I’m over-the-moon at being a featured presenter on bag making at the launch of Craft Daily. I’ll definitely be glued to my TV set for my slice of craft action. Yummy craft instruction on my TV? Happy days!! I hope you enjoy tuning in, do get in touch with me to let me know what you think (even you’re not sure about my daft jokes!)

Lisa will be appearing on Craft Daily to demonstrate bag making techniques. Tune in to episode 1 on Monday 6th October at 10.30 and do let us know what you think!

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