Our story at Craft Daily

F+W A Content + eCommerce Company

Craft Daily is brought to you by the team at F+W. You might better know us as the company that publishes David & Charles craft books.

Our office is in Newton Abbot, and we’re lucky to live and work in sunny Devon. From our view across the railway line (we’re just after the section that fell into the sea recently), we’ve been publishing books since 1961. A few years ago now, we became part of a company based in America that is just like us. Across the world we publish books and magazines but we also run events and websites, many of which are about craft and creative arts topics.

In recent years, other companies have become part of the F+W family. These have included Interweave, Fons & Porter, McCall’s Quilting and many more. As someone interested in craft, there’s every chance you will have bought a book or magazine, pattern or project created by an F+W company.

It has been really important for us to adapt to how you, our craft customers, are changing. The internet has changed the way people find inspiration, learn skills and discover project ideas. A big part of that change has been video, which is now easier to produce and share than ever before.

Craft Daily started life as an internet video subscription business, a bit like a Netflix for craft. It is still very much that business today and you can subscribe to all our video’s at www.craftdaily.com. In time we will have more and more video added from UK tutors, commissioned and filmed here in Devon.

We wanted to add to the Craft Daily online business and bring some of the best of the content from across F+W to UK through Sky and Freesat. That’s why we decided to launch Craft Daily UK as a new channel and why we’re hugely excited to be going live on October 6th.

Our mission is to provide the very best craft instruction to our customers, whether in print, video or digital.

We always welcome your feedback and so please do tell us what you think, what you’d like to see more of and what you like and don’t like.

There’s a contact form on this site and we will listen to our customers on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. We’ll always aim to respond and to take on board your comments.

We look forward to bringing you Craft Daily from October.