What Is Bitmac?

Deciding on what to choose when it comes to resurfacing your driveway can become a confusing and laborious task. But you’ve come across the term Bitmac and you immediately think ‘’What is Bitmac?” In short, Bitmac is a by-product made through the oil-refining and petrol processes. It is a very thick, very sticky goo that is left over when crude oil is distilled. But you want more than just a quick overview of what is Bitmac!

How is Bitmac made?

As previously mentioned Bitmac is a by-product of the oil refinement process of crude oil, it is left behind during the production of kerosene, petrol, and diesel. Removing these lighter oils from the crude unrefined oil makes Bitmac readily available and cheap. Bitmac can be produced through manufacturing, but it also occurs naturally in nature. Deposits of Bitmac can be found in ancient lakes where prehistoric animals, plant life and fish have died and have decayed away from the constant heat and pressure. Making natural Bitmac deposits underneath the lake.

So, What Is Bitmac Made From?

Bitmac contains a whole heap of elements and hydrocarbon structures that includes calcium, sulphur, and iron. It is a leftover from the production of common fuels including petrol and diesel.

What Properties Does Bitmac Have?

As being a by-product of the crude oil refinement process bitmac is an extremely thick, gloopy and adhesive product that has been used in multiple industries and for many reasons. Not only that but it also has natural waterproofing properties, making it ideal for construction and similar industries.

Bitmac is also ridiculously cheap to repair if it becomes damaged. As you can purchase patch repair kits from you local hardware store.

How Is It Used?

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Commonly used for paving mostly roads and driveways, most roads contain bitmac or a combination of. But it has a life outside of the public highways and private drives. It is used commonly within the shipbuilding industry thanks to its waterproof properties. It is used throughout industry projects such as building works thanks to its adhesive properties.

Is It the Same as Tarmac?

While they do share similarities, the overall use of pure Tarmac has fallen over the years. Thanks to the sheer abundance of the material due to the manufacturing processes of kerosene, petrol, and diesel, making it easier to get a hold of.

Is It Expensive?

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If you are choosing to cover a large area then bitmac is the best choice for cost and effectiveness. Over smaller areas it can turn out more costly than other paving methods. On average the installation it can cost around £100 to £200 per hour as it usually needs to be laid by a specialist paving machine.

How Is it Installed?

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Installation is a full team job that cannot be installed by a happy go lucky D.I.Y aficionado, hire a trusted local installer to turn your old driveway into a bitmac driveway! First, they will excavate and create a solid foundation for the layers of bitmac to lay upon. They will also lay edging bricks or stones so the bitmac does not run off and cause any damage.

After the layers are in place, they will go back over the area with a specialist binder then with another layer on top. Finishing it off by going over the area with a roller making it compact all the way down through the layers.

What Drawbacks Are There?

The only major drawback with this material is that if it isn’t correctly installed, it can be prone to what is known as ‘’pooling.” Pooling can occur in any shallow or low spots; they will immediately make themselves apparent with water pooling in the dip after rainfall.

Another problem is that it is susceptible to damage by oil spills, especially petrol and diesel as these liquids breaks it down if left, causing cracks and other similar signs of damage.

In Conclusion

Now you have all the information you need to know what bitmac is! Once again if you are considering using this material for your driveway, we advise you to hire a local driveway specialist to complete the job for you.

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